May 15 - First Everest Summits of 2017

Great news today on the South side of Everest. First summits of 2017 have been achieved on the morning of May 15 by a team of seven brave men. This special team assembled together to fix ropes to the South summit despite questionable weather forecast. Summit team included four members of the Gurkha team and three Sherpa (two of them from the Madison Mountaineering team - Lakpa Dandi and Tashi Sherpa). Congrats to them! Working together, they succeeded today in fixing ropes to the South Summit of Everest, which now will allow many other teams to attempt to summit Everest from the South. Grateful for their commitment and hard work! Multiple teams are now moving up to higher camps and aiming for the summit tonight and in the next few days both on the South side and on the North side from China.  Our team is re-grouping and preparing for a summit attempt in the coming days. Stay tuned for more updates!!!